Bead Elements & Design Show produced by Garan-Beadagio, along with To Bead True Blue and The Tucson Bead Show, Pasadena Bead and Design Show, and Bead & Boutique Arts Show. Each show promotes artisanship and handcraft with well-designed exhibits, and hands-on workshops. Exhibitors are carefully vetted and chosen for traditional handcraft skills.

Bead Elements & Design Show entwines form and pattern, artisanship and handcraft, into original design. Attendees will find 250 artisan galleries exhibiting handmade beads, jewelry, clothes, accessories, artisan supplies and textiles.

The jewelry and clothing that animated nomadic existence relied on hand skills to express a visual experience of life. The craft artists and designers exhibiting at Bead Elements use artisanal skills, complex tools, and hand techniques to create a variety of high-quality, original, works of art.

Bead Elements is a visual experience giving life to design: one-of-a-kind glass beads, handsewn clothing, hand-dyed silk, millinery arts, precious jewelry, ceramics, gemstones, leather, wood, metal, gold & silver, enamel, art silver clay, polymer clay, embellishments, and textiles.

Attendees are invited to roll up their sleeves and take part in workshops by craft artists and designers. The workshops offer instruction at all skill levels and most include tools & materials. Workshop projects include wirework, enameling, jewelry design, polymer clay, crystal setting, bead making, art clay, hand knotting, mixed media, and chainmaille.
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